Antique Wall Mirror
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Antique Wall Mirror
Framed Wall MirrorsAntique Wall MirrorFramed Wall MirrorsAntique Wall MirrorFramed Wall MirrorsAntique Wall MirrorFramed Wall Mirrors

Antique Wall MirrorMy name is Rick; I am the sole proprietor of Mission Style Mirrors. I build and sell mirrors part time in my shop. I have a full time job as a production supervisor, however, this is my passion, my dream. My friends say I'm obsessed and they may be right. That's still up for debate.

I build mirrors the old fashioned way, one piece at a time, taking time. I use traditional joinery with today's tools. Mortise and tenons on virtually every piece! I prefer to use quarter-sawn white oak (if there is a wood with more character I have yet to find it) but will use your favorite species if desired, however no pine. I dream of someday having my own shop/store.

Being new to the internet, it is vital that I strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Please understand that this is not factory built mirrors. I have spent as much time picking out the wood as building the mirror. If you purchase one of my mirrors you will have a one-of-a-kind piece. Each high end mirror is an individual and unique item unparalleled with any other. Especially with quarter-sawn white oak because the flecking (tiger striping) varies so much.

Feel comfortable with the piece you're buying, if I'm selling it on the internet, I'm proud of it. It is a reflection of my ability. Thanks for looking!!

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